What is adding sand or soil to a new location called?

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Is Adding Wood Ash to Top Soil Good for Flowers?

Adding wood ash to topsoil is helpful as an organic fertilizer. Ash from quality hardwoods contains potassium which strengthens plants, helps them to resist stress and improves overall root health.... Read More »

Where can I get sand soil?

I think what you need is garden sand. Its not really sand like you find in a sand box or the beach/river bank. It is a mixture of sand and small stones and shale, The stones are about the size of B... Read More »

What are two ways of adding nitrogen to the soil without the use of artificial fertilizers?

How do i add sand to clay soil?

Amending Clay Soil with SandUse a tiller or spading fork to turn the sand in with the clay soil. Avoid working clay soil while it is sopping wet, as it tends to clump and compact further. Use coars... Read More »