What is acute care hospitalization?

Answer The health care system is composed of many different types of facilities. A patient's medical and health care needs will dictate the appropriate facility for her specific condition. One of the most... Read More »

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What do acute care& long-term care have in common?

An acute care setting is designed for short-term stays for patients with acute illnesses or injury, while long-term care involves regular monitoring or treatment for a prolonged duration of time. B... Read More »

What is acute care?

When patients enter a hospital, they are diagnosed with having acute or chronic (long-term) medical or mental-health conditions. Acute medical problems happen unexpectedly and are severe in nature... Read More »

What is acute nursing care?

Acute nursing care is focused on providing short-term medical care for patients recovering from an acute injury, illness or recent surgery.SettingAcute care nursing typically takes place in a hospi... Read More »

What is acute care nursing?

Although all nurses are focused on providing quality patient care, there are several different types of nurses with specialized focuses. Acute care nursing involves providing care for patients with... Read More »