What is an angina attack?

Answer In layman's term, angina pectoris means (severe) chest pain due to the lack of blood and oxygen supply of the heart (ischemia). The chest pain is not more than 10-15 minutes. It can be described as... Read More »

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What are the measurable factors (Signs) Objective of Angina Pectoris?

1,pain which is almost exertional and apears with over activity and last for 30min or max 45 min, this is very important how pain is,an how long. it is not positional, means if you turn to left or... Read More »

Artery blockage, angina, or nerves What else could this be?

Pain caused by angina/blocked artery usually gets worse with exertion so I'm fairly confident that's not the problem. Also, what you said about pressing your hands together makes it sound like it's... Read More »

Is angina contagious?

Only if the people who get it have been indulging in high fat food and lack of exercise together. Angina is pain caused by narrowing of arteries around the heart, so no.

Is angina inherited?

Angina is severe chest pain, usually on exertion, that is a symptom of coronary artery disease. Family history of heart disease is only one of several risk factors for angina. If angina runs in you... Read More »