What is actuary science?

Answer Actuarial science is the use of statistics and probabilities to predict the likelihood of future outcomes. Actuaries must have a strong math background.Mitigating RiskActuarial science tries to mit... Read More »

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How do I become an "actuary"?

You have to pass a series of tests, and be crazy good at math. Most actuaries have a bachelors or greater, in actuarial science. You should probably hit the website, and brows... Read More »

How to Test for Actuary?

Actuaries calculate and offset financial risk for insurance and financial companies based on statistical analysis. Actuaries take a series of examinations in order to become certified by one of sev... Read More »

Do you need a degree to be an actuary?

An actuary must have an undergraduate degree in one of the following fields: an area of business, such as economics or finance; an area of mathematics, such as general mathematics or statistics; or... Read More »

Actuary Degrees?

Actuaries perform calculations to measure various forms of risks. Individuals in this profession work for insurance companies, banks and other businesses that need to calculate the risks involved w... Read More »