What is active duty in the National Guard?

Answer The National Guard of the United States has more than half a million Army and Air National Guard personnel administered by the National Guard Bureau. According to Chief General Craig R. McKinley of... Read More »

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Can you go from active duty to national guard?

When your contracted tour of duty has expired, yes.

How can you go from active duty air force to air national guard?

The best thing for you to do is go talk to your career advisor. They can help you set it up where the day after your Active Duty is up, you are in the guard.

Can you go from army active duty to air national guard?

Probably not during your current tour of duty. It may be possible after you complete your current obligation. Talk to a National Guard recruiter for details related to your specific situation.

Will ribbons from the national guard transfer to active duty?

Federal ribbons and medals will, such as the Army Service Ribbon, National Defence Service Medal, etc. State level awards, however, will not.