What is active duty in the Army?

Answer There are three components of the U.S. Army: the Army National Guard, the Army Reserves and the active duty (or regular) Army. When a soldier works in the Army full-time, he is considered active du... Read More »

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Can you switch from active duty army into active duty air force?

Yes you can....but only if your not in the infantry or a special combat mos...dont know why but the air force is weird that way

How long would you stay at one duty station Army Active Duty?

There's really no definite answer for this. The Army moves personnel around as needed, and there isn't a set pattern to it.

Can the Army ROTC pay for my bachelor's degree and medical school before i serve in Active Duty and in the Army Reserve for 6 or 8 years?

Can you go from army active duty to army reserve?

Sure, but only at the end of your enlistment contract - you can't terminate your active duty contract to be in the Army Reserve, but you can enlist into the Army Reserve after you've completed your... Read More »