Waterfront Hotels in Downtown Portland, Oregon?

Answer The city of Portland, Oregon, was recently named North America's "Best Big City" by Money Magazine". The city features a vibrant downtown area, complete with waterfront stores, restaurants and bars... Read More »

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Does anybody know what road the Mcdonalds in Fridley, MN is on with the mermaid across the street?

I have no idea! I think I may have a good guess though...There is a McDonald's at 2201 Highway 10 Moundsview, MN (right next to Fridley).This McDonald's is right accross the street from place calle... Read More »

How can I get the drunk man across the street to quit urinating in my yard?

I wondered where Ricky was living now. I squirted him with the water hose when I caught him. Just wait until he rubs his feces on your car.

Why has the guy across the street been revving his motorcycle for the past 90 minutes?

It's the Momo tune up. I've seen Momos in every city I've lived in do this tune up. Here's the drill. Ya open the hood or wheel the bike outside. Stare at it for a few minuets then start it up. Let... Read More »

I want to get a food gift card for someone who lives on mission street in downtown san francisco....which one?

Mission is a long street and without knowing your friends food likes and dislikes it would be impossible to recommend a place for them. Here are a few places in the Mission that are good and can pr... Read More »