How is malic acid made?

Answer Look at the ingredient list of many processed foods, and you will find malic acid. Although malic acid is found in nature, most of it in processed foods has been chemically synthesized.Identificati... Read More »

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Is vinegar made of citric acid?

Citric acid is not a component of vinegar. The Illinois Physics Van, an outreach program of the University of Illinois Physics Department says, "Household vinegar is about 3 percent acetic acid and... Read More »

Can brown paper be made acid-free?

Brown paper can be made acid-free. Manufacturers treat paper with a mild base, such as calcium, to neutralize acids that naturally occur in all wood pulp products. Brown paper is similar to white, ... Read More »

Is GC tooth mousse safe for regular use since it contains phosphoric acid. would the acid corrode your teeth?

It is safe; don't contain phosphoric acid but some phosphates.

Is carbon dioxide released in fermentation of pyruvic acid to lactic acid?

In lactic acid fermentation, the pyruvic acid molecules produced from glucose by glycolysis is converted into lactic acid without production of carbon dioxide. By contrast, alcohol fermentation pro... Read More »