What is acid etching?

Answer Acid etching is both an artistic and industrial process in which acids are used to create a design or prepare a surface for further work.Use in ArtAcid etching is an artistic process used to place ... Read More »

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What Is Acid Etching & How Involved Is It on Cement?

Acid etching allows you to change and customize the look of your concrete surfaces. Paint does not adhere to a smooth concrete surface, and stain cannot penetrate finished concrete. Acid etching al... Read More »

A few questions about acid-etching products for glass?

I used to do a lot of batik work using traditional batik wax tools. It's like drawing with hot wax. Maybe you could test it out on a piece of mirror. The rear surface of the mirror has metallic pai... Read More »

Etching concrete indoors with muriatic acid?

How are you going to wash the concrete to get rid of all of the acid? If you don't get rid of all the acid, paint is not going to stick.

Do glass ionomers bond to enamel by acid etching?

In dentistry, glass ionomers--a type of restorative dental material--bond chemically with tooth enamel and dentin via ionic exchange. As a result, glass ionomers do not require acid etching to bond... Read More »