What is acetate trihydrate?

Answer Acetate trihydrate is a crystal coordination between water molecules and acetate. It forms a liquid that, when initiated properly, will crystallize and produce significant amounts of heat. Sodium... Read More »

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What is acetate made of?

Acetate is a form of a acetic acid. Acetic acid in liquid form is vinegar. In a salt or ester form, it makes acetate. Manufactures use acetate as a base to make many products such as plastics, resi... Read More »

How to Get Stains Off of Acetate?

Acetate is a silky looking synthetic fabric used in clothing manufacturing and certain home furnishings. Acetate needs special care and handling due to the composite makeup of the fabric. Acetate i... Read More »

What is in Melanotan Acetate?

Melanotan Acetate (MT-2), commonly used as a weight-loss drug, has a chemical formula of C50H69N15O9. Its stable form is as a white or off-white powder. Melanotan Acetate is not FDA approved as of ... Read More »

What Is Acetate Fabric?

Within the textiles industry, fabrics are placed into two categories: natural and manufactured/man-made. Natural textile fabrics are manufactured using naturally forming materials, such as cotton, ... Read More »