What is accompaniment music?

Answer Accompaniment music is written or improvised music that supports a leading melodic line. While the styles of accompaniment music may vary, its purpose is always the same--to accompany the leading m... Read More »

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Classical Accompaniment Styles?

From the earliest days of Western music, melodies included accompaniments. In the beginning, accompaniments complemented dances in various celebrations. Later on, singers felt the need for instrum... Read More »

How to Play Violin Accompaniment Chords?

Playing accompaniment on the violin is very different from playing a melody - the focus is on playing chords in a rhythm that backs up the other instruments, playing "second fiddle" in a sense, to ... Read More »

Which flavor of Mad Dog 20/20 is the best accompaniment to Linguine with Clam Sauce?

The "Lemon-Ice" flavor would pair well with the seafood element, but my fear is that the earthiness of the dish would overpower the delicate flavors of a good 2009 Lemon-Ice. I think you should tak... Read More »

What 3 music artists take up the most room in your music collection?

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