What is your absolute, I mean ABSOLUTE favorite show ever Seriously, ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SHOW?

Answer FRIENDS ALL THE WAY! I still laugh my face off when i watch it.

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What is absolute presure?

You should have raised this question under Science & Maths/ Physics and not under Health/ Diseases & conditions/ Diabetes.Absolute pressure is zero-referenced against a perfect vacuum, so it is equ... Read More »

What is the absolute worst way to die?

uh ok... odd question, but i would say by torture, just torture. which is wrong and should not take place anywhere in the world! i do not need to go into details!

What is absolute dating?

For years, scientists and proponents of the Bible have argued about the age of the earth. While Bible proponents cite historical dates listed in the book itself, scientists use a process called abs... Read More »

WHat is ur absolute favourite food(s)?

Sweet and Sour Chicken. There's this korean restaurant here that makes them and they are so good!