What is abbreviation of MOUSE used in computers?

Answer Moving Optimum User Specific interfacE. Truly speaking it is not MOUSE, it is mouse.

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What is the plural of mouse (the one you use for computers)?

MOUSESMain Entry: 1mouse Pronunciation: 'mausFunction: nounInflected Form(s): plural mice /'mIs/Etymology: Middle English, from Old English mus; akin to Old High German mus mouse, Latin mus, Greek... Read More »

Is it possible to switch between two computers using the same keyboard and mouse?

How to Share a Keyboard & a Mouse Across Several Computers?

If you need to use more than one computer at a time, your desktop can become cluttered with multiple keyboards, mice and monitors.KVM switches solve this problem by letting you share your keyboard,... Read More »

How to Connect Two Computers With One Keyboard & One Mouse?

Users that desire to connect two or more separate workstations to a single mouse and keyboard can do so with the open source program referred to as Synergy. Synergy works for the Windows 95 and NT ... Read More »