What is a zero population growth program?

Answer A zero population growth program has as its aim the stabilization of the world population by reducing the numbers of births to the point that the overall population is no longer increasing.HistoryS... Read More »

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Difference Between Human Populuation Growth & Growth of Species Population?

A population refers to a group of individuals of the same species living in the same geographic area. For a population to grow, the birth rate must exceed the death rate. This is governed, in part,... Read More »

What is zero population growth?

Zero population growth is a state in which a population reproduces only enough to keep its numbers steady, not enough to increase in number. Advocates of zero population growth include the organiza... Read More »

What does zero population growth mean?

Zero population growth refers to a constant number of people over a period of time. This is not necessarily the same as equal birth and death rates. A population that has a large birth rate but lar... Read More »

Why is population growth good?

Population growth refers to the increase of people in a specific area or in the world. Growth can, therefore, be the result of birth or migration. Numerous benefits of human expansion have been not... Read More »