What is a zebra's scientific name?

Answer There are three main zebra species, and all belong to the genus Equus--along with horses, donkeys and mules. The plains or Burchell's zebra is known as Equus burchellii and has at least six subspec... Read More »

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The Kinds of Zebras?

Only three species of zebra exist as of 2011. All of them have striping that helps the animal blend in with its herd, though the striping changes slightly between species. According to the African ... Read More »

Third Grade Questions About Zebras?

An elementary school teacher compiling a lesson about zebras would do well to anticipate a child's questions about this striking animal -- or better yet, to inspire them. The zebra's unlikely strip... Read More »

Educational Information on Zebras?

The zebra is distinctive with black and white markings, living wild on the African plains and a close biological relative of the horse. Zebras are social animals, living in herds and grazing togeth... Read More »

Facts About Zebras for Kids?

Zebras are mammals that belong to the horse family. They are similar to horses in many ways, except for their trademark black and white stripes. Are zebras white with black stripes, or black with w... Read More »