In what country did the Yule log originate?

Answer The earliest-known Yule log celebration occurred in Egypt as early as 5000 B.C. to honor the sun god, Horus. Peasants in Europe burned the Yule log to celebrate the Winter Solstice--the shortest da... Read More »

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What does a Yule log look like?

A Yule log is typically a large, brownish piece of wood (tree trunk or limb, often oak) carefully selected to be part of a Christmas celebration. Yule log also refers to a bÛche de Noël, a cake c... Read More »

What does the unburned part of a Yule log protect?

The ancient tradition of burning the Yule log started in Scandinavia and spread through Europe, eventually becoming a symbol of Christmas. By tradition, the log was never burned completely. The unb... Read More »

What country did the edible yule log come from?

The edible Yule log, or "buche de Noel," originated in France, probably some time during the late 19th century. The Christmas pastry consists of a rolled sponge cake covered in chocolate or coffee-... Read More »

What does an unburned yule log protect your house from?

The burning of the Yule log is a Christmas tradition that began in ancient times in Norway. A special log was burned on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The unburned part of the log was kept in the... Read More »