What is a youtube MEP group?

Answer A MEP is a multi editor project. Basically a whole bunch of people work on one video. They can edit video for different parts of a song, or a video with a bunch of songs and a different editor ea... Read More »

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How Can I Put YouTube Videos on My Facebook Group?

Posting a YouTube video on your Facebook group allows all members of the group to view your video. The video will appear on the group's "wall," which is the group's homepage and what everyone sees ... Read More »

Why won't youtube let me send a group message?

it might be one of the people u have entered to send the message to, the YT account mite be closed or u've entered the name wrongNOTE: the names of the recipients must be spaced out by a comma and ... Read More »

Can I apply for youtube partnership if i have a group channel?

How to Start a Youtube Video Making Group?

Have you ever wanted to create a YouTube channel for you and your friends to share like t.A.M. Studios or TugBug1? Well, I'll tell you how!