What is a yarmulke?

Answer A yarmulke (pronounced "yammika") is the Yiddish term for a traditional Jewish skullcap. Yarmulkes are called "kippahs" in Hebrew and are usually worn by Jewish men, although today many Jewish wome... Read More »

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What is a yarmulke for?

The yarmulke is an easily recognized head covering associated with Orthodox Judaism. The origin of the yarmulke is found in Rabbinic traditions as a way of honoring God.IdentificationThe term "yarm... Read More »

What is the purpose of a yarmulke?

A yarmulke is a small round skullcap worn by Jews. While the word yarmulke is common among Jews in North America, many American Jews also use the worldwide term, which is kippah.HistoryThe traditio... Read More »

What is the origin of the yarmulke?

The yarmulke, or kippa, originates from Rabbi Yoshua ben Levi's teaching in the Talmud that man should not walk straight for more than six feet, according to Jewish Magazine. Rabbi Yoshua's son, R... Read More »

How do I sew a yarmulke?

Yarmulkes are thin, disc-shaped caps worn by Jewish men and women to show respect and reverence before God. Many choose yarmulkes to represent their personality and individual relationship to God. ... Read More »