What is a workshop audition?

Answer In the field of performing arts, a workshop audition is a process by which a performer is asked to display artistic skills as way of determining whether the performer is qualified for inclusion in ... Read More »

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What audition song is played for the freestyle dance audition part for SM Global Audition 2013?

The back of the application has a sign a Confidentiality Agreement, or else we're an automatic fail, so we're not allowed to tell.

Is it still fine for me to audition for 2012 SME Youth Star Audition if I have braces?

I think that dude with the retainers and the lisp from EXO had braces when he auditioned... I think you're good. Depends if you're Asian or not though. They probably won't care about your braces as... Read More »

What is a scrum workshop?

A scrum workshop is a training workshop in how to use and implement scrum, an agile project execution methodology. Agile methodologies espouse short development cycles to deliver commercially viabl... Read More »

How to Run a Workshop?

Running a workshop may seem at first as easy as getting a group of people together to discuss a certain topic and brainstorm ideas, but if not led by someone who knows how to facilitate a workshop,... Read More »