What is a work-flow diagram?

Answer A work-flow diagram is a chart composed of connected symbols that describe how a project, job, process or entity is organized. Symbols on the chart represent people, decisions or stages of the proc... Read More »

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What is a flow chart diagram?

According to MindTools, flow chart diagrams show how the steps in a process fit together. They are often used in business to analyze how steps can be used and tweaked to improve effectiveness and e... Read More »

How to Diagram a Process Flow?

Occasionally there are times when being able to visualize how something is done makes it easier to understand. Process flowcharts identify each step in a process in a written form that is similar t... Read More »

What is a data flow diagram?

A data flow diagram represents how an information system will function on several levels. The first level is a basic overview of the entire system. Each subsequent level shows more details of the m... Read More »

What is a circular flow diagram?

According to Doc Stoc, a circular flow diagram is a representation of the organization of the economy. The diagram divides the economy into a sector concerning goods and services and the other sect... Read More »