How to Kill a Wolf Spider?

Answer Wolf spiders can be commonly found in homes, especially in the fall. This is when spiders will try to find warm places to sleep through winter. Wolf spiders can be identified by their dark brown co... Read More »

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How to Identify a Wolf Spider?

Wolf spiders don’t spin webs and they were probably given their name because they stalk and hunt their prey, just like wolves do. Although it is true that Wolf spiders look very similar to Tarant... Read More »

The Parts of a Wolf Spider?

The wolf spider is a common name given to any member of the arachnid family known as the lycosidae family. There are more than 2,000 different types of wolf spiders. These spiders are often found i... Read More »

Wolf Spider Facts for Kids?

Spiders can be intimidating creatures, especially for young children. Teaching students the basics can help them to better identify and understand dangerous spiders. When teaching students about wo... Read More »

How to Remove a Wolf Spider Problem?

Wolf spiders are common pests that tend to sneak into homes and buildings when the weather turns colder in early to middle fall. These spiders, although rather intimidating in appearance, are gener... Read More »