What is a wireless networking card?

Answer Adding a wireless card to your computer frees it from the need to plug into a router. The card connects to the network using radio transmitters and receivers. The type of card you need depends on w... Read More »

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Can I connect my laptop with wireless-n networking to router wireless-g?

Yes, 802.11n wireless cards are backwards compatible to connect to 802.11g routers, but they will be connected at G, and have no benefits of N.

What do i need for wireless networking?

- A wireless router- A Wireless Network CardA Wireless router sets you back about 60 to 80 pounds, I advise Linksys for ease of use and setup. you don't need to be a computer genius to set it up.A ... Read More »

Dynamic Ip Address and Wireless Networking.?

There is an important concept you should know first---Publict IP and internal IP.Public IP is unique over the world, no any two internet devices have same public IP. It specifies an unique address ... Read More »

How to Set Up Wireless Networking With Time Warner?

With a router, you can turn your regular high-speed cable Internet connection from Time Warner into a wireless network. Wireless networks allows several devices to connection to the Internet all ov... Read More »