What is a wireless networking card?

Answer Adding a wireless card to your computer frees it from the need to plug into a router. The card connects to the network using radio transmitters and receivers. The type of card you need depends on w... Read More »

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Can I connect my laptop with wireless-n networking to router wireless-g?

Yes, 802.11n wireless cards are backwards compatible to connect to 802.11g routers, but they will be connected at G, and have no benefits of N.

What do i need for wireless networking?

- A wireless router- A Wireless Network CardA Wireless router sets you back about 60 to 80 pounds, I advise Linksys for ease of use and setup. you don't need to be a computer genius to set it up.A ... Read More »

Dynamic Ip Address and Wireless Networking.?

There is an important concept you should know first---Publict IP and internal IP.Public IP is unique over the world, no any two internet devices have same public IP. It specifies an unique address ... Read More »

How do I hook up my PS3 to my Verizon wireless networking?

ConnectionConnect an Ethernet cable from your computer or modem to your Playstation 3. You can use any kind of Ethernet cable to accomplish this.Navigating the ConnectionDepending on the type of o... Read More »