What is a winter adaptation?

Answer Potomac Appalachian Trail Club naturalist Bob Pickett explains that because "early mammals evolved in tropical habitats," later mammals would have to adopt winter adaptations "to survive under cond... Read More »

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What is a sea otter's winter adaptation?

Sea otters are so well adapted to their marine habitat that they rarely come ashore. Their ability to maintain body heat in cold water sustains them year-round as they eat, play, sleep, give birth ... Read More »

How can i kill winter weeds in shrub beds( roundup doesn't work in the winter.)?

The best way take to care of winter weeds is to pull them by hand, then use a pre-emergent weed control product which will kill weed seeds before they sprout. Pre-emergent weed control works for mo... Read More »

What is Hedonic Adaptation?

Definition: Hedonic means of or relating to utility. (Literally, pleasure-related.) A hedonic econometric model is one where the independent variables are related to quality; e.g. the quality of a ... Read More »

What Causes Cultural Adaptation?

What causes cultural adaptation? Is the question "How do cultures adapt to environments," or "How do individuals adapt to different cultures?" Interestingly enough, these two different questions ar... Read More »