What is a coin expert called?

Answer A coin collector is known as a numismatist. In addition to coin collecting, the field of numismatics includes studying past and present currency, medals and metal tokens from all cultures. Coin col... Read More »

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How to Hire a Wine Expert?

If you are hosting a dinner party, bridal shower, reception or any other social event where people are consuming wine, consider hiring a wine expert for enlightenment and education.

What is a wine enthusiast called?

Aside from "wine enthusiast" and "connoisseur," the most specific way you can refer to a lover of wine is as a "oenophile." The word has Greek origins, according to Merriam-Webster, stemming from t... Read More »

What is a person who studies wine called?

The science of wine and wine production is called oenology, so a person who studies wine is known as an oenologist. Individuals who study the science and production of grapes are called viticulturi... Read More »

What is a dish stewed in wine called?

Stews cooked in wine reflect traditional dishes of French cuisine. Coq au Vin is a dish of chicken braised in burgundy wine. French bouillabaisse is a traditional dish of fish stewed in wine. The q... Read More »