What Is a Winch Truck?

Answer A winch truck resembles the cab of a tractor trailer truck, except instead of hauling a trailer, the truck has a device on the back known as a winch. Used for lifting heavy materials, a winch consi... Read More »

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What Is Amsteel Synthetic Winch Rope?

Amsteel Blue winch rope is a synthetic winch line made from Dyneema SK-75 HMPE fiber. Amsteel claims that this is the world's strongest synthetic fiber. There are many advantages to using syntheti... Read More »

How to Repair a Winch?

In order to repair a commercial grade winch, you must first deduce where the problem lies. It could be electrical, the clutch brake, or the gearbox. It may also be something as simple as the cable ... Read More »

How to Buy an Industrial Winch?

For profession car maintenance, an industrial winch is a must- have for the heavy pulling and lifting needed for larger automotive parts. Industrial winches come in all sizes so there is a winch fo... Read More »

How to Use an Electric Winch?

Electric winches placed on 4X4 vehicles and ATVs are used to recover those vehicles from deep mud holes or tight locations. Proper use of the winch is all the difference from having a fun afternoon... Read More »