What is the origin of the name Hacker?

Answer The English name Hacker is an occupational surname referring to someone who either cut wood or made cutting tools. Hacker derives from the Middle English “hacken,” from the even older “haccia... Read More »

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My computer is being controlled by a hacker: what do I do!?

1. disconnect from the internet, check that your firewall is up. 2. if you do not have anything you want to keep on your computer, simply restore it to factory settings (hard reset). This will make... Read More »

My Password is changed by hacker, What do i have to do?

Yes I agree with prince contact support tell them that someone has hacked in to your account and change your password plausibly also your email Say this to them they will need prof to verify that y... Read More »

What hacker protected logos are real and not fake?

What kind of password would make it difficult for a hacker to crack?

A lot of people have suggested using a combination of random letters both capital and non capital along with numbers. These are good ideas but you need to have something memorable. If you use such ... Read More »