What is a wheel caster?

Answer A wheel caster is the actual wheel that comes in 3- to 8-inch diameters and 150- to 450-pound weight capacities. The wheels can be ordered as a complete caster which includes the wheel on a swivel ... Read More »

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What is caster?

Along with camber and toe, caster is one of the most important and basic angles in any suspension's design. Caster angle plays an important role in steering feel, feedback and braking.DefinitionIf ... Read More »

What is a caster?

Look on the bottom of a chair, cart, or table that is easy to push around and odds are you will find a caster, a circular object that rotates when you push on the furniture.Definition of CasterMerr... Read More »

What Is Caster Adjustment?

Caster angle is one of those terms that sounds like black magic to the layman, but the principle is actually very simple. This setting is critical to defining a vehicle's handling, ride and brakin... Read More »

What is the mass of caster oil?

Castor oil has a mass of 59.7 pounds per cubic foot at 77 degrees F, which is considered standard temperature. The mass may vary by individual sample according to purity and temperature.References:... Read More »