What is a wheel and axle?

Answer A wheel and axle is a basic, simple machine. Commonly seen today in automobiles, this simple machine offers a significant number of other uses, such as operating as the main mechanism in windmills,... Read More »

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What is the meaning of wheel and axle?

A common simple machine (similar to the lever or pulley), the wheel and axle consists of a large wheel mounted on a smaller wheel known as the axle. The wheel and axle is common to bicycles, cars, ... Read More »

What Are Some Advantages of a Wheel & Axle?

The wheel and axle is one of the simple machines. Its design is based on the lever as it employs an object (the axle) that revolves around a center fulcrum, along with another, larger lever (the wh... Read More »

What will friction do to a wheel&axle?

The force of friction--that is, the resistance to movement--acts horizontally, opposing the motion of a wheel and axle. Friction increases the amount of heat generated and the wear and tear on the ... Read More »

Is a screwdriver a wheel&axle?

A screwdriver is not a wheel and axle. A screwdriver is made up of a head or tip, which engages with a screw. Torque is then applied to the screwdriver to rotate the screw into place.Source:Screwdr... Read More »