What is a whale fluke?

Answer Whales are majestic creatures of the sea. Whales usually have two flukes on their tails, and they use them to maneuver through the water.DefinitionThe tail of a whale has two pointed ends, or fluke... Read More »

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What whale was in Moby Dick?

Moby-Dick was a sperm whale which was renown for it's oil .

What is the size of a baby whale?

A baby blue whale (the largest type of whale) is, on average, 25 feet long and weighs between 6 tons and 8 tons after coming out of the womb, according to Enchanted Learning. The smallest whale, th... Read More »

What is the male whale reproductive system?

The male whale reproductive system is a subject of intrigue. For one, it's difficult for scientists to observe, as whale mating can be an elusive behavior. Scientists have logged long observation h... Read More »

What does the phrase whale the tar out of him mean?

The phrase "whale the tar out him," or "whale the tar out of someone," means that one is going to hit, attack or spank someone severely. The phrase is closely related to the phrase "beating the tar... Read More »