What happened to the show Werewolf?

Answer The TV series "Werewolf" was cancelled : it ran from July 11 , 1987 to August 21 , 1988.

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What was the name of the General Mills werewolf cereal?

Part of a line that featured a series of monster characters, Fruit Brute was introduced by General Mills in 1974. The flavor of the cereal, with its fruit-flavored marshmallows, didn't achieve the ... Read More »

What is the cheat code on the iPhone and iTouch app Werewolf Locator?

111 full moon cheat 666 devils cheat. That's all i got so far Try 000 (reset) and 808 (techno mode) and 101 for pong and ill see if i can get more Improved by Viva9626: 606, 808, 909, 609, are al... Read More »

What is the name of the person who plays the werewolf in wizards of Waverly place?