What is a weller soldering iron?

Answer Weller is a tool manufacturer that creates among its products a variety of soldering irons. A soldering iron is a small, handheld device, usually shaped similar to a drill, that is used to fuse cir... Read More »

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L have a Weller soldering iron it suddenly stopped working for no reason fuse is ok?

Does this have replaceable tips? If so, the tip may not be tightly fastened (they sometimes work loose); alternatively the tip may be burned out and need to be replaced.It is also possible that th... Read More »

Tips for Problems With Weller Soldering?

Weller makes an assortment of soldering irons, tips and accessories that can be used for stained glass, electrical appliances, heating and air conditioning systems. The Weller soldering irons are a... Read More »

What type of soldering iron is used for soldering jewelry?

Choosing the right type of jewelry soldering iron depends on the material with which you choose to solder. "Soft Solder" (or tin-based) can be heated with a simple fine-tipped electric soldering ir... Read More »

How to Tin a Soldering Iron?

Tinning a solder iron is the act of applying a small amount of solder directly to the tip of the solder iron. This helps the transfer of heat form the iron to the chosen point by creating a bridge.