What is a web page address?

Answer IP addresses were created to give Internet servers a method to direct information to the correct computer. IP addresses were later linked to web page addresses to make it easier for people to remem... Read More »

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What is a Home Page Address?

A home page address is the original landing page that is displayed when a web browser is opened. The home page is typically set to a default location, but can be changed by the user.DefaultThe home... Read More »

How to Convert the Hyperlinks on a Web Page to an Address?

A hyperlink is a reference inserted within a text document to a resource or perhaps another document. You can consider it a citation, which on clicking connects you to the referenced URL. To conver... Read More »

How do I delete all the web page addresses that appear on the address bar?

u go to tools, delete history, and then history- delete

Could someone in the UK try this website , let me know if the page loads up. The address is