What is a watt meter?

Answer A watt meter is an analog or digital instrument used for measuring the electrical power produced by a circuit in electrical devices. At minimum, it shows the number of watts used, but can also reve... Read More »

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What is a watt-hour meter?

A watt-hour meter is used for measuring electrical power at your house or company. It measures kilowatt-hours, or kWh, which is the equivalent of 1,000 watts used for one hour.DescriptionStandard h... Read More »

I have my microwave on a 3 meter extension lead which plugs into the wall it is a 1200 watt one is this okay?

Hi For the best possible advice, I highly recommend you contact your local supplier or the Manufacturer....

Can I use a 120 watt flourescent bulb (32 watt draw) in a maximum 60-watt incandescent light fixture?

The rating of the fixture is simply to limit the current that you put on it. If you have a fluorescent bulb that is drawing less current (32W) than the rating of the fixture (60W), there is no pro... Read More »

If i install a 350 watt graphic card on a 450 watt smps power supply. will it work?

It'll work but the problem is, your PSU will work FULLON to provide the power at high rate and will draw more power from the Ac board :)When you doing some high game play or video editingso the pos... Read More »