What is a water cistern?

Answer A water cistern stores water and delivers it for use. Cisterns represented advanced technology in the ancient world and are still widely used today in agriculture.HistoryThe ruins of ancient homes ... Read More »

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How to Dig a Water Cistern Pump?

Protecting your foundation from excess water is the key to keeping your home a long time. Over time, little cracks from erosion or earthquakes can appear, causing flooded basements or moldy walls. ... Read More »

Where can i buy waterproof brick to put in my toilet cistern to use less water?

Use an old milk jug (or the like) 1/2 gallon filled with water. It's FREE, and will have the same result!

How Much Bleach Should I Use to Make Drinking Water Safe in a Cistern?

Anyone who has ever had to clean house has likely had to use bleach at one point or another. Bleach serves numerous common household purposes; perhaps its most important purpose is as a powerful di... Read More »

How do I remove the lid from an Ideal Standard toilet cistern?

Button RemovalPress down on one of the buttons on the top of the Ideal Standard cistern. As you do, you can see the bottom of the other button. Pry this off with a flatblade screwdriver. Remove the... Read More »