What is a warrant in an argument?

Answer Stephen Toulmin, the father of modern logical argumentation, compared arguments to lawsuits and proposed three basic components of a persuasive argument: the claim, or what you are trying to prove,... Read More »

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What is a valid argument?

An argument is a set of statements aimed at explanation and/or persuasion. It consists of a conclusion/claim and premises (i.e., reasons) that support the conclusion. In formal logic, a valid argum... Read More »

What is a skeleton argument?

A skeleton argument is a document that briefly and concisely outlines to all parties the points that are in issue in a court of law. You cannot substitute a skeleton argument for an oral argument.S... Read More »

What Are the Two Ways of Organizing an Argument?

Though there are many nuances to forming a structured argument, most fall under the headings of "inductive" or "deductive" arguments. Even if the argument is being made informally, such as in a con... Read More »

What Are the Elements of an Argument Made in an Essay?

In college, most of the essays that you write have some kind of persuasive purpose. Although factual information is important, your assignments rarely involve mere lists of facts. More often than n... Read More »