What is a warrant in an argument?

Answer Stephen Toulmin, the father of modern logical argumentation, compared arguments to lawsuits and proposed three basic components of a persuasive argument: the claim, or what you are trying to prove,... Read More »

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How to Win an Argument?

If you get in an argument if its your mother, father, friend, teacher, sibling, boyfriend, girlfriend, no matter the situation, here are some tips to win an argument.

How to Always Win an Argument?

Arguing is a way of giving reasons and persuading the other side of your point. This guide will show you how to make sure that you always win in an argument.

Settle this argument please!?

The train. Made of heavier, denser materials. Especially the wheels and axles.

How to Stay Out of an Argument?

From kids to spouses to co-workers, people can and do get angry or upset. Once an argument begins, rarely does anything get accomplished besides both of you becoming more angry. Wouldn't it be grea... Read More »