What is a vt6421a serial ata raid pci controller card?

Answer This card is basically an expansion card inside the computer that allows more parts (specifically hard drives and disk drives) to be connected to the motherboard. The motherboard is basically the m... Read More »

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Can a SATA controller card be used without no RAID setup?

You do not need to use multiple hard drives in a RAID array when setting up a SATA controller card. An SATA controller card can be used with a single hard drive or multiple hard drives, if the cont... Read More »

What is a USB serial controller?

A USB serial controller is a device that replicates an old piece of computer hardware, the serial port. Many computers no longer come with serial ports, so a USB serial controller allows a user to ... Read More »

How to Reinstall Drivers for a Radio Shack 26-183 USB Serial Controller?

The RadioShack 26-183 USB to Serial cable lets you connect devices that use a serial port connector to USB. Since many laptops do not include serial ports, you can connect older devices by using th... Read More »

I have 3 1TB HDs. Should I do a RAID 0 on 2 & backup on 1, or buy another disk for RAID 10 how about RAID 5?

Correct, 2 drives in raid will give the highest read/write speed. Using the third drive to do image backups would give a good backup solution.My plans for my next machine are to do Raid-0 with 2x 1... Read More »