What is a volleyball court?

Answer Volleyball is played on either a hard, level surface, such as the wooden floor of a gymnasium, or on sand. Indoor courts measure 29 feet 6 inches wide by 59 feet long, while sand courts are 26 1/4 ... Read More »

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How to Outline a Volleyball Court on a Basketball Court?

This court was made with tape too!Want to play volleyball on a basketball court? Even the largest schools in the country don't have dedicated playing courts for every indoor sport. Here's how to se... Read More »

What is the length&width of a volleyball court?

An official volleyball court is a rectangle that measures 59 feet in length and 29 feet 6 inches in width. The court is surrounded by a free zone, an area free of obstructions. The free zone measur... Read More »

What is the measurement of an average volleyball court?

A volleyball court is 59 feet long and 29 1/2 feet wide. The net is placed in the middle of the court to divide it into two 29 1/2-foot playing sections.References:Volleyball: Volleyball Court Dime... Read More »

What is the official size of a volleyball court?

A volleyball court must be rectangular and measure 59 feet by 29.6 feet. Additionally, the court must be surrounded by a "free zone" measuring at least 9 feet, 10 inches on each side of the court. ... Read More »