What is a virtual computer?

Answer A virtual computer or virtual machine (VM) is one that operates atop a host operating system running an emulation or a hypervisor kernel. Virtual Machines do not interact directly with the physical... Read More »

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What would be a reason why a virtual machine computer can not PING another virtual machine computer?

I'd love an answer to this as well as I ran into it this past summer.

What do i do when my computer said low virtual memory?

Virtual memory is simulated RAM. When you have use up all your RAM, your computer will shift data to an empty space on the hard drive. Computer swaps data to the hard disk and back to your RAM as n... Read More »

How to Get More Virtual Screens for Your Computer?

If you're keen to add more virtual screens to your computer, this method might be one that works for you. It involves making an easy download for free and then following through the instructions se... Read More »

My computer comes up with virtual memory low sometimes. Is this the same as RAM?

Virtual memory sounds innocent enough doesn't it.I have tons of RAM that isn't being used and my dream machine computer tells me that I am running out of virtual memory.You click on a program and i... Read More »