What is a viewfinder camera?

Answer Viewfinder cameras have a window to view and focus the scene being photographed. It was common in 35mm cameras until the single-lens reflex format became widely used. Larger format cameras also use... Read More »

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What does the viewfinder on a camera do?

The viewfinder allows you to see what the picture will look like. If you have a rangefinder type viewfinder, you will see an approximation of what the picture will be. If you have an SLR (Single Le... Read More »

Parts of a Camera Viewfinder?

The viewfinder system on cameras can vary depending on the type of camera. Point and shoot cameras use a very simple system which is basically a tube located above the lens. Many digital cameras us... Read More »

What camera has a right angle viewfinder?

Answer One example would be a twin lens reflex, such as the Mamiya C220. You hold the camera at a level where you can look straight down into the viewfinder, which is on top. I believe that's what... Read More »

What type of image viewfinder does an SLR camera have?

You can either use the digital image finder to line up your shot on your camera or the optical viewfinder eyepiece that is made of glass, mirrors and lenses.