What is a video conference interview?

Answer Much like phone interviews, video conference interviews are an easy way for managers to speak with non-local potential employees. Video conferencing interviews allow both parties to see each other ... Read More »

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What is a video conference bridge?

A video conference bridge is the technical network of hardware and software that makes video conferencing possible. Video conferencing allows people to have virtual meetings conducted over video. I... Read More »

What type of equipment must a user have to hold a video conference using a pc?

Video conferencing requires that all users have a broadband Internet connection, webcams and the same conferencing software.ConnectionA broadband connection, such as cable or DSL, is required for t... Read More »

How to Video Conference?

Riding the technology wave, more businesses are turning to video conferencing than ever before. This type of conference allows people to meet each other at one time from different locations, someti... Read More »

Can you video conference on Skype?

Skype users have the ability to conduct phone calls or video calls over the Internet through the use of a microphone and webcam. While conference calling with multiple users is possible, Skype only... Read More »