What is a video capture card?

Answer Video capture cards are a type of TV tuner card or video capture device that when installed in a computer or server, enable the machine to read, record, convert and process video and audio signals.... Read More »

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What is the purpose of a video capture card?

A video capture card (also referred to as a TV tuner) is primarily used to capture and record the video source of another device, such as a television. Capture cards can be used on any device with ... Read More »

What is a dedicated video capture card?

A dedicated video capture card is a piece of computer hardware that allows for video to be recorded directly from a camera, play deck, television cable or satellite television receiver to your comp... Read More »

What is a multiplexed video-capture card?

The term "multiplexing" means to process more than one data stream at a time. This means, therefore, that a multiplexed video-capture card, which is used in computers, can process multiple video st... Read More »

What is a multi-plexed video capture card?

Multiplexing is the process by which multiple data streams are combined to a single transmission path. A video capture card with multiplex capability can combine multiple video and audio streams in... Read More »