What is a video balun?

Answer The need to distribute video to a variety of destinations within a building requires a specialized device to convert the video signal to something that can be transmitted long distances without a l... Read More »

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How to Use an Indoor Balun on an Outdoor Antenna?

A Balun connector is a form of transformer designed to balance the flow of electric current between a twin-lead (300 ohm) cable from an antenna and the input of a standard-definition TV receiver, w... Read More »

How does a tv antenna balun work?

It is a small transformer that allows you to properly connect a 300 ohm "balanced" antenna to 75 ohm "unbalanced" TV set. It works by allowing a "balanced" antenna to combine its outputs (it has 2)... Read More »

What is a cool video editor that lets you put a video on top of another video?

The best free video editors are made for Linux and for the Mac's OSx:-( (I'm a PC girl and I'm jealous:-)LiVES gets overall excellent scores. It's a top rated, feature-packed freebie.http://lives... Read More »

I need to know how to make a video out of video clips and music kinda like a youtube video?

If you have a windows based PC you can do it with Windows Movie Maker!! Good luck!!