What is a video adapter on a laptop?

Answer A video adapter (also known as a graphics card) on a laptop is an internal circuit board that allows devices such as monitors to display pictures from a computer. Most video adapters are connected ... Read More »

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How to Connect a Laptop to a RS485 Serial Laptop Adapter Card?

RS485 is a serial connection standard no longer used on laptop computers (or desktops, by that matter). However, older hardware you may still use runs off of an RS-485 serial connection, so if you ... Read More »

Laptop AC Adapter FAQ?

Computer systems such as laptops rely on specific rates of voltage in order to operate. Laptops contain components that are specifically designed to convert voltage to the required form. An AC (alt... Read More »

Can a laptop adapter go bad?

A laptop power adapter can go bad and stop working for a variety of reasons including rough treatment and environmental damage. Additionally, laptop power adapters can occasionally be subject to ma... Read More »

How to Fix a Laptop Adapter?

Most modern laptop computers come with multiple network adapters so that users can get online in more than one way. For example, many laptop models include both an ethernet and wireless adapter. Wh... Read More »