What is a vice president's job description?

Answer The vice president of the United States runs on the same ticket and is elected with the president of the United States. While his job is to play a supportive role to the president, the vice preside... Read More »

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Secret service code names for presidents and vice presidents?

In regards to the President's security detail, essentially yes. Where ever the President goes he is accompanied by a certain number of secret service agents.

How many Vice Presidents were left-handed?

In the 234-year history of the United States, five Vice Presidents have been left-handed. Henry Wallace, Gerald Ford, Nelson Rockefeller, George H.W. Bush and Al Gore all belonged to this elite clu... Read More »

Does former vice presidents get secret service?

How long do ex-vice presidents get secret service protection?

Presidents after clinton get secret service protection for up to ten years after they leave office. Presidents before that who had secret service protection got it for life. Clinton was the last pr... Read More »