Stupid question. When was the boston marathon bombing and what time?

Answer 2:50 PM near the finish line. The first one was outside the Marathon Sports store, the other was outside a bar/restaurant called Forum.

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Okay this is very stupid but i ate a caterpillar and im worried! HELP?

ew why would you ever eat a caterpillar?!

Please Help. Need Advice. Did Something Very Stupid!?

whether he has slept with men or women point is he has beensexually active and you dont know him, get tested to be on the safe side

Stupid question?

stupid answer. do unicorns fly in outerspace on tuesdays? ur welcome.

Stupid question...?

first, not a stupid question...i think its interesting! unfortuanatly for us...everything but air (and mabey water) has calories