What is a vertical milling machine?

Answer A vertical milling machine produces machine solid materials. It also can be used as a drill press. However, unlike a drill press, milling also involves movement of the workpiece against the rotatin... Read More »

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What is a CNC milling machine?

CNC, or computer numerical control, is used in the manufacturing industry on milling machines that were previously used in manual format. CNC milling machines can make parts from different material... Read More »

How to Set up a Cnc Milling Machine?

There are many factors that have to be addressed before this question can be properly answered. Is the machine a vertical or horizontal machine? How any axes will be required? What is the capacity ... Read More »

Who invented the milling machine?

Eli Whitney invented the milling machine in the year 1818. The machine could be hand driven by a worker or run on its own with a "worm gear drive." As the technology advanced, the machine's use spr... Read More »

Milling Machine Home Projects?

Milling machines are essentially vertical lathes used to fabricate metal. They can do much more than bore a square channel or hole, however. A well-trained machinist has few limits to the shapes he... Read More »