What is a verbal agreement?

Answer A verbal contract, an agreement that is spoken rather than written, can be valid, according to Online Lawyer Source. The verbal contract must contain an offer, acceptance and consideration, such as... Read More »

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The Legality of a Verbal Agreement?

When you think of a legally binding agreement, you might envision a written contract filled with numbered provisions. But a verbal agreement can be just as valid as a written one in certain circums... Read More »

Can you be held to a verbal lease agreement?

Yes, both landlords and tenants can be held to verbal lease agreements. However, the disadvantage of an oral lease is that it can make it difficult to settle disputes. In addition, some states auto... Read More »

Is a verbal agreement a binding contract?

It is possible for a verbal agreement to be enforceable. However, whether a written agreement is required will depend on state law. Many states require contracts for the sale of land, or contracts ... Read More »

Can a mother take a child from Pennsylvania to Illinois without informing the father if there is no custodial order in place but only a verbal agreement between the parents to not move the child?

Answer When there is no custodial order the law generally presumes that both parents have equal rights to a child or children.However, the court will usually recognize verbal agreements between pa... Read More »