What is a vector file?

Answer In digital graphics, vector images are created by a series of paths and anchor points. The paths (lines and shapes) can be manipulated and stretched like a rubber band. The anchor points provide th... Read More »

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What is vector art file extension?

Math and art are intimately intertwined. Nowhere is this more apparent than in vector graphics. When you create a vector image, your computer reads it as a math problem but produces a beautiful gra... Read More »

What is a vector graphic file?

A vector graphic file is a digital image comprised of geometric lines and curves rather than tiny dots called pixels. Because they do not have dots, you can make vector image files larger without d... Read More »

Is the PNG file extension a vector graphic?

A file with the PNG file extension does not contain a vector graphic, which is a graphic consisting of geometric lines and curves. The PNG file extension is used for raster images, which are graphi... Read More »

How do I convert JPEG to vector file?

Open a vector graphics application such as Corel DRAW or Adobe Illustrator, and start a new document. Look for an "Import" option in the "File" menu, and import the JPEG file. Look for and use a "L... Read More »