What is a vault restroom?

Answer A vault toilet is a small building, often made of brick, that covers a latrine or open hole in the ground and is used as a restroom. They normally do not have water or any means of flushing.Source:... Read More »

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Are there any laws in Calif. restricting restroom use i.e. if restroom is designated "women" can men use it?

NO...Definitely...beyond a shadow of doubt...NOThis happened when I was working at Lockheed. There was only one restroom for the women...and one for the men.An OSHA representative spotted a man ... Read More »

AVG virus vault- should I delete the infected files or empty the vault?

Its never recommended to delete a virus first hand.Whenever your anti-virus detect a virus, you should always put them in the vault in case your computer starts to cause problems and you need to r... Read More »

DIABETES Restroom?

Those are two symptoms of diabetes. If she also is excessively thirsty, as though she can't get enough to drink..ever? Like if her water was on the other side of the room, she could never get to... Read More »

How to Set up a Restroom Trailer?

A Rich Restroom trailer interiorWith the growth of the use of restroom trailers rather than plastic potties for special events it is important to know how to set up a restroom trailer for your even... Read More »