What is a vascular surgeon?

Answer A vascular surgeon treats patients with venous, arterial and lymphatic systems diseases. Vascular surgeons perform a number of procedures including carotid stenting, angioplasty, varicose vein surg... Read More »

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What does a vascular surgeon do?

A vascular surgeon is one who has studied all the diseases of the vascular system. The vascular system includes all of the body's veins and arteries. The job of the vascular surgeon is to operate o... Read More »

What is the job description of a vascular surgeon?

The vascular system is the name given to the network of blood vessels and veins that travel throughout your body. A vascular surgeon is a type of medical professional who specializes in treating so... Read More »

What is the Annual Salary of a Vascular Surgeon?

The annual median salary of a vascular surgeon is $330,147, according to Most vascular surgeons earn somewhere between $262,819 and $411,395 annually. The lower 10% earn around $200,077... Read More »

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